What You Need to Know


Diagnostic and Ongoing MysteryShop 


We pioneered the use of Mystery Shopping (in-person, telephone and web) as a tool for change and sales and service improvement. Our MysteryShop programs pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses at every point of customer contact.  Since the early 1980’s we have conducted more than 1,000,000 Mystery Shops. Our MysteryShop reports are available to you online within 24 hours, 48 hours, weekly, monthly or quarterly. Our Diagnostic or Benchmark Mystery Shop programs reveal your Strengths, Weaknesses and Opportunities, compare your performance to competitors and reveal areas for improvement. Our reports provide What You Need to Know to institute immediate change for Improvement. Our Ongoing MysteryShop programs are perfect for monitoring sales and service and recognizing and incenting employee performance.


Fair Lending, Matched Pair Testing, Post Application Surveys and Consulting


We pioneered matched pair, triad, sandwich and monadic testing and post application surveys to the lending industry and designed and tested the approaches with leading financial institutions, regulators and enforcement agencies. Our programs, questionnaires and reports have been used by financial institutions operating under Department of Justice decree and regulator Consent Order.

Our matched pair, triad and sandwich testing programs are used by lenders to self test for discrimination in the pre-application stage of the loan and our monadic testing program detects unfair and abusive sales practices. Our post application surveys determine whether consumers receive fair and equitable treatment and if minorities receive the same opportunities for loan approval as non-minorities. We literally wrote the book on self testing for fair and equal treatment. We were asked by Freddie Mac to write a book - An Introduction to Self Evaluation and wrote a paper for the Harvard Joint Center for Housing – Fair Lending Testing, Trends, Training and Best Practices. We then wrote a book Protecting Main Street: Measuring the Customer Experience in Financial Services for Business and Public Policy.


Customer Satisfaction Programs


We collect feedback from your current and former customers and your competitors’ customers. We then determine your performance on the factors that retain customers. Questionnaires are designed based on 30+ years experience measuring customer satisfaction. This gives us the ability to tell you whether your products and services are meeting customer needs. Our program determines the factors impacting customer decisions to defect and customer loyalty. We profile your customer base and identify the proportion of customers at risk. Service and product issues are linked to customer defection decisions and recommendations provided to limit customer attrition.