Measuring and motivating employee sales and service


Unlike other mystery shop programs, BankShopSQ™ was designed to meet the needs of financial institutions. The program is based on the behaviors that satisfy consumer needs and has been refined based on 30 years experience helping financial institutions improve sales and service. BankShopSQ™ helps you motivate and recognize employee behavior that impacts customer satisfaction and decisions to purchase. And combined with our CProtect™ module, BankShopSQ™ not only helps improve the customer experience, but also helps ensure you are meeting the complex web of consumer protection laws.


BankShopSQ™ measures the behaviors impacting customer satisfaction and perceptions concerning need fulfillment.


Consumer needs: Access, Reliability and Responsiveness, Protection and Assurance, Actualization  and Empathy


Access – Providing easy and equitable access to products, services and information

Reliability and Responsiveness – Prompt, dependable and consistent service

Protection and Assurance – Feeling secure about the competence and safety of the service and products

Actualization and Empathy – Understanding and meeting customer needs and goals


Incorporating the CProtect™ module helps measure whether your sales and service is adhering to consumer protection laws. And our CProtect™ Score quickly identifies business, legal and reputation risk.