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We help you improve sales and service and ensure you treat your customers fairly and equitably


Our Boardroom Quality Market Research


Early on we recognized your need to have utmost trust in the data used to make decisions and measure performance. It became essential for us to ensure this trust so our clients could focus on the results and not worry about research methodologies and data reliability. This led to our Boardroom Quality research approach. We understand the research business. We help you cope with today’s market, prepare for the future, deal with the changing needs of consumers and the complex web of federal regulations and laws. Better than anyone we can help you find out What You Need to Know.


We pioneered the use of market research and mystery shopping to help companies ensure they deliver a superior and consistent customer experience. We are experts in measuring the customer experience and developing programs designed to motivate and recognize employee performance.  Our involvement in marketing research spans more than 30 years. We pioneered the use of mystery shopping and market research to detect and prevent discrimination and unfair sales practices. Many of the largest financial institutions and companies have called upon our experience to help ensure  they are treating customers fairly and equitably and adhering to consumer protection laws and regulations. 


Paul Lubin owned one of leading financial services customer satisfaction and service quality market research firms in the country, Barry Leeds & Associates and has worked for leading companies and market research firms in America. Paul has helped companies manage and reduce business, reputation and legal risk by detecting and preventing discrimination and misleading sales practices, recognizing and motivating employee performance and improving customer satisfaction and customer retention. He has designed and managed 1,000+ market research programs including mystery shopping, customer satisfaction, matched pair testing, customer experience assessments, brand image, focus groups and awareness and usage.